2018 Schedule Announced: Advanced Courses on Humanitarian Law and Policy

We are pleased to announce the upcoming series of events in PHAP’s Humanitarian Law and Policy professional development track for 2018, taking place in Amman, Bangkok, Dubai, Geneva, and Nairobi. In each location, we will be organizing a three-day Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy followed by a two-day Thematic Workshop.

Each Thematic Workshop focuses in depth on a different issue of concern to humanitarian actors, building on the shared understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL) developed in the Core Course and bringing in additional relevant legal, policy, and practical considerations. Upcoming themes include humanitarian access; sexual and gender-based violence; human rights law in armed conflict; multinational operations; the conduct of hostilities and protection of civilians; monitoring, reporting, fact-finding, and investigating violations of the law; and engagement with non-State armed actors.


Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy

This intensive three-day course serves as an opportunity for experienced practitioners and policy professionals to explore international humanitarian law (IHL) challenges relevant to their work. In 2018, it will be offered in the following locations:

Completing the Core Training is a requirement for participating in the Thematic Workshops.

Amman, 18-22 March

Current armed conflicts, often characterized by a fragmentation of actors that are motivated by complex agendas, present particular difficulties in obtaining access for humanitarian assistance and protection. This workshop examines these challenges from a legal and policy perspective, with an emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of key actors... Read more and apply>>

Geneva, 14-18 May

The evolution and increasing complexity of armed conflicts – in terms of the nature of the violence, the geographical scope of hostilities, the types of actors involved, and the protection issues raised – casts a new light on the applicability and relevance of human rights norms in situations of armed conflict.  This workshop examines the complementarity between international human rights law (IHRL) and other legal frameworks, in particular international humanitarian law (IHL)... Read more and apply>>

Nairobi, 25-29 June

Over the past years, numerous initiatives have been launched to address the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) during armed conflict, from the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 to the focus on documentation and investigation of sexual violence in war. This workshop analyses the relevant international legal frameworks aimed at preventing and responding to SGBV in conflict... Read more and apply>>

Amman, 8-12 July

The core provisions of international humanitarian law (IHL) address how parties to a conflict may use force. Changes to how both governments and non-State armed groups operate in armed conflicts – such as combat increasingly taking place in densely populated urban settings and the spread of the use of drones – raise new questions about how the law on the conduct of hostilities aimed at protecting civilians is respected and operationalized. This workshop provides an analysis of IHL norms related to targeting and the means and methods of warfare... Read more and apply>>

Dubai, 9-13 December

The prevalence of armed conflicts characterised by the presence of armed non-State actors carries important legal and policy implications for humanitarian professionals. Focusing on their application to non-State armed groups, this workshop provides an intensive review of the relevant bodies of international law, in particular international humanitarian law and international human rights law... Read more and apply>>

Bangkok, 21-25 January 2019

This workshop is designed to enhance the capacity of humanitarian practitioners to conduct or contribute to monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding activities on allegations of violations of international law during armed conflict... Read more and apply>>