ICVA and PHAP collaborate on new online learning series on the “triple nexus”

Last year, PHAP and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) organized an online learning session that introduced the New Way of Working – a policy initiative aiming to overcome the humanitarian-development divide, which took off at the World Humanitarian Summit. Based on the large interest in this session from practitioners around the world, ICVA and PHAP have decided to organize a whole new series of live online learning sessions, which will take a wider look at the notion of the humanitarian-development-peace nexus currently being discussed in policy circles and its relevance for the work of humanitarian NGOs.

Starting on 12 April with an introductory event on the underlying ideas of this concept, as well as how these have taken expression in different policy initiatives, these monthly events will focus in on different aspects of the so-called “triple nexus” through targeted discussion with experts from the humanitarian, development, and peace building communities working in crisis response situations.

Register for the first session now at phap.org/12apr2018