In-Person PHAP Credentialing Program certification assessments in Amman

PHAP is currently in the process of developing a complementary face-to-face PHAP Credentialing Program certification assessment option for those who do not have a sufficiently reliable internet connection or otherwise prefer not to use their own computer for the assessment. Having commenced the first delivery of the in-person assessments in Nairobi last month, we will be providing another opportunity to sit for the invigilated/proctored assessments in person in Amman on 8-11 July. We will then be continuing the piloting later in the year in Bangkok, Dubai, Geneva, and Kampala.

You will need to hold a certificate assessment credit prior to sitting for your assessment. If you do not hold one, you will need to purchase one beforehand. Space is limited, so you will need to book your slot as soon as possible.

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