World Humanitarian Day 2014

World Humanitarian Day is a day to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world.

11 years ago, on 19 August 2003, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. Despite this and other attacks on aid workers, the humanitarian community has not been deterred from its mission to respond rapidly and effectively to emergencies.

PHAP’s members are engaged in humanitarian action worldwide, working with a wide variety of different organizations. This World Humanitarian Day, we have asked some of them to share reflections on their work through video interviews, from which the PHAP team has produced a short film.


Individual PHAP member interviews

The theme of this year's World Humanitarian Day focuses on individual humanitarian workers. To facilitate on-going consideration of the important issues raised by these experienced practitioners, we will also release one full interview each day over the coming months, starting today.

Please click on the photos below to watch the videos.

Yannick Guégan

Cynthia Petrigh

Yousaf Jogezai

Volker Hüls

Boisy Williams

Diane Paul

Liesbeth Schockaert

Muhammad Fayyazi

Peter Walker

Gerson Brandao

Melinda Wells

Megbaru Ayalew

Marco Sassòli

Zvidzai Maburutse

Kitka Goyol

Martin Damary

Marco Rotelli

Terrance Wesbrock

Hazel Siri

Chris Piper

Marc Cohen

Simon Robins

Nick van Praag

Laurent Saillard

Katherine Kramer

Steven Sano

Alejandro Del Aguilar Murphy

Moustafa Osman


PHAP members in other World Humanitarian Day initiatives

We would like to draw to your attention to a few other ways in which PHAP members were involved with recognizing World Humanitarian Day:

  • Publication of an OpEd by Ross Mountain, particularly recognizing the contributions of the many Lebanese staff and volunteers involved in assistance efforts for Syrian refugees.
  • Launch of Emergency AIDio, a radio program for humanitarian workers, by Nuran Higgins and first guest appearance on the program by Jemilah Mahmood.
  • Speech by Michael Møller and unveiling of a plaque in the Palais des Nations in Geneva to commemorate the UN staff killed and injured in the attack on the UN offices in Algeria in 2007, as well as blog post on Huffington Post.
  • Featuring of Hazel Siri in the UN-produced film “Humanitarian Heroes