Networking Overview


Humanitarian workers represent one of the most dynamic and committed groups of professionals on the international scene. Under constant pressure to adapt, this community is continuously exploring new avenues to respond to current challenges to humanitarian action. A core mission of the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) is to support the professional and personal development of its members as a means to promote critical thinking on such experience and enhance their professional effectiveness and personal fulfillment throughout their career. Supporting the establishment of individual professional relationships across institutions, regions, and cultures is a central aspect of supporting fulfilling careers in humanitarian action.

In the course of 2011 – 2012, PHAP intends to:

  • Facilitate the emergence of interest groups among its regular members and support their development with the creation of dedicated spaces for professional exchanges on its website, in the course of its events
  • Support networking among PHAP members through the setting up and maintenance of a dynamic global Member Directory, detailing professional information and interests of each member
  • Mobilize contributions among PHAP members in the development of practical community tools and programs aimed at improving the professional effectiveness and personal fulfillment of its members, such as professional transition resources for members considering moving into or out of active deployment in the field
  • Coordinate regional networks among members prompting a new focus on regional perspectives and participation in humanitarian debates and action

PHAP professional networking activities and resources are open to all members in good standing.