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Humanitarian Law & Policy:
Children in Armed Conflict, Human Rights in Armed Conflict, International Humanitarian Law, Monitoring and Reporting of Violations, Terrorism and Counterterrorism

<p><span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.6em;">Anne FitzGerald is the Director of the Research and Crisis Response Program at Amnesty International, based in London. The program works to assure overall research quality through setting research standards, reviewing and approving research plans and documents, and by using a more practical focus, working directly with research staff in London and in field offices to develop and apply good practice. The program provides specialised research training and mentoring to Amnesty staff, both in a traditional setting and directly in the field, particularly in hostile environments. The program also holds the organization&rsquo;s crisis and emergencies response brief, fielding specialised investigators to areas of crisis or conflict, to carry out on the ground research and quick response advocacy. In the best case scenario, this can result in changes in the conduct of warring parties; in the longer term, reliable, first-hand documentation will strengthen national and international accountability mechanisms.&nbsp;</span></p>

<p>Anne trained as a lawyer, and has a background as a journalist and as a human rights field investigator based in Haiti, Colombia and Guatemala. She has wide experience of field missions in other regions, and a particular interest in investigative techniques. More recently, she worked on human rights violations committed in the context of the &quot;war on terror&quot;, carrying out research in Yemen and other countries in the region, locating and interviewing victims of enforced disappearance, extraordinary rendition and secret detention. Anne was previously Amnesty International&rsquo;s Director of Policy. She attended the HPCR&rsquo;s advanced humanitarian law course in 2005, and has received specialised training at the Hague on the investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity.</p>