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Humanitarian Law & Policy:
Civilian Direct Participation in Hostilities, Classification of Conflicts, Conduct of Hostilities, Detention in Armed Conflict, Enforcement, Human Rights in Armed Conflict, Humanitarian Law in Practice, Implementation, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Protected Persons, Protection of Civilians, Public International Law

Nobuo Hayashi is a Senior Legal Advisor at the International Law and Policy Institute. He specializes in the law of armed conflict, international criminal law, and public international law. His most significant works encompass military necessity, threat of force, and the law and ethics of nuclear weapons. Nobuo Hayashi has over fifteen years of experience performing advanced research, advising international prosecutors, authoring court submissions, teaching at universities and publishing scholarly articles in the aforementioned areas as well as other related fields. He is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Turin Law Faculty/UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (2007-present).

Previous positions: Researcher, PluriCourts, University of Oslo Law Faculty (2012-16); Visiting Professor, International University of Japan (2005-15); Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo (2008-12); Legal Advisor, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (2006-8); Legal Officer, Prosecutions Division, Office of the Prosecutor (OTP), International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) (2004-6); and Associate Legal Officer, ICTY OTP Legal Advisory Section (2000-3).

Degrees: B.Sc. Foreign Service in international relations, law and organisation from Georgetown University (1995); Diplôme d’études supérieures in international law, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva (1998); LL.M., University of Cambridge (1999); and Ph.D., Leiden University (expected 2017). Additionally, he attended the post-graduate School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University (1995-6), The Hague Academy of International Law (1999) and the doctoral programme at the Graduate Institute (1998-2004). His working language is English. He also speaks Japanese (native) and French (intermediate).