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Humanitarian Law & Policy:
Civilian Direct Participation in Hostilities, Classification of Conflicts, Conduct of Hostilities, Detention in Armed Conflict, Humanitarian Law in Practice, International Humanitarian Law, Non-State Armed Groups, Occupation Law, Private Military and Security Contractors, Protected Persons, Protection of Civilians, Public International Law

<p>Joe Turner entered Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth (Jan 1986) in the Supply and Secretariat (now Logistics) Branch of the RN, graduating on a Naval Cadetship from Edinburgh University (MA Joint Honours in Modern Languages) in 1990.&nbsp; Following assignments at sea and ashore, he was selected to specialise in law in 1995.</p>

<p>His operational experience includes deploying to the Gulf during combat operations in Iraq in 2003 as legal adviser to Commander UK Maritime Forces and to the Gulf of Aden in 2005 conducting counter-piracy.&nbsp; He completed a 6 month tour in Kabul in 2010/11 as Legal Adviser on all combat operations by International Security and Assistance Forces (ISAF) across theatre.</p>

<p><span style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: normal;">Joe assumed the role of Fleet Legal Adviser in April 2011, leading a team of naval lawyers and staff across UK, advising commanders on operations (including the UK maritime contribution to Libya), discipline and crime, and personnel matters.&nbsp; For his final appointment in the Navy, in January 2012, Joe was on the staff of the Head of Naval Legal Services as the Royal Navy&rsquo;s lead lawyer for Service Inquiries, investigations, and legal training.&nbsp; He left the Service in spring 2013 and is now the Chief Executive of a barristers&rsquo; chambers in London, whilst also retaining an occasional legal practice as an Assistant Coroner.&nbsp;</span></p>