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Humanitarian Law & Policy:
Classification of Conflicts, Conduct of Hostilities, Detention in Armed Conflict, Human Rights in Armed Conflict, Humanitarian Access, Humanitarian Law in Practice, Humanitarian Principles, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Monitoring and Reporting of Violations, Non-State Armed Groups, Occupation Law, Protected Persons, Protection of Civilians, Public International Law, Refugees and IDPs, Transitional Justice

<p>Dr. Karim El Mufti is an associate professor of international law and Director of the Human Rights Legal Clinic at the La Sagesse Law School in Beirut and is responsible for many educational programs on International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law with the civil society in Beirut. As a senior researcher, he has been collaborating for the past 15 years with various international organizations, research centers and think tanks from the Arab region and abroad. He remains very active in the field of civil society pertaining to human rights, youth empowerment and social development.</p>