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Humanitarian Law & Policy:
Civilian Direct Participation in Hostilities, Classification of Conflicts, Conduct of Hostilities, Human Rights in Armed Conflict, International Humanitarian Law, Public International Law, Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Kimberley Trapp is a Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at the Faculty of Laws, UCL, and co-editor of Current Legal Problems. Prior to joining UCL in 2012, she was a Lecturer at Newnham College and an Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. Kimberley obtained a BA (philosophy), BCL and LLB (all with great distinction) from McGill University, and an LLM and PhD from the University of Cambridge. During her doctoral studies, Kimberley clerked for Vice-President Al-Kasawneh and Judge Simma at the International Court of Justice. Her doctoral thesis was awarded the Cambridge Yorke Prize for a dissertation of distinction, and is the basis of her OUP monograph “State Responsibility for International Terrorism” (2011). Kimberley collaborates as an academic advisor on issues of international humanitarian and human rights law with various NGOs and Government departments and has published widely on issues relating to the interaction between international humanitarian law and terrorism suppression, the use of force, State responsibility, and the settlement of international disputes.