Thematic Notes

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Ellen Nohle
26 September 2017
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) recently published the updated ICRC Commentary on the Second Geneva Convention for the protection of wounded, sick and shipwrecked in case of armed
Loretta Hieber-Girardet
8 September 2017
For the fourth online session of the learning stream on humanitarian coordination, jointly organized by PHAP and ICVA on 14 September, our guest experts
Guest Expert
18 August 2017
On 20 July, PHAP and ICVA hosted an online session on NGO fora and consortia exploring the functions of these structures in empowering local and international NGOs in humanitarian response and fostering their participation in coordination mechanisms and policy discussions.
Raphael Gorgeu
14 July 2017
On 20 July, PHAP and ICVA will be hosting the third session of the learning stream on humanitarian coordination.