Thematic Notes

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Guest Expert
12 April 2018
On 27 March, PHAP organized an online learning session on the legal challenges related to UN peacekeepers operating in armed conflict, focusing on the questions of whether, how, and when international humanitarian law (IHL) applies to peacekeeping.
Guest Expert
8 January 2018
On 9 November, ICVA’s and PHAP’s sixth and final online session of the learning stream on humanitarian coordination addressed government-led coordination mechanisms in general, and looked in more detail at the Refugee Coordination Model (RCM), a mechanism led by host governments and U
Guest Expert
4 January 2018
On 12 December, PHAP organized an online briefing on Humanitarian Futures: Capacities for 21st century humanitarian organizations, featuring presentations from Beris Gwynne from Incitār
29 November 2017
On 12 December, PHAP will organize an online briefing exploring the capacities that can help humanitarian organizations ensure that they are fit for the future.
Guest Expert
21 November 2017
On 7 November, PHAP organized an online discussion on Contested Evidence: The challenges and limits of evidence-based approaches to humanitarian action.