Thematic Notes

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Andrew Seal
25 November 2013
Over the last few years, the humanitarian system has undergone a series of major reforms to try and improve its ability to deliver effective relief in response to disasters and complex emergencies.
Antonio Galli
6 November 2013
Humanitarian actors frequently find themselves having to negotiate with state and non-state armed groups, be it to enhance the protection of civilians, to gain access for relief to vulnerable communities, and/ or to ensure the safety and security of their staff in the field.
Dario Carminati
6 November 2013
Southeast Asia is vulnerable to climate change, with high population densities and natural disasters already occurring frequently. Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos all appear in a recent list of the 12 countries most at risk from floods, rising sea levels, and storms.
Eric James
18 October 2013
Daniel Lutz
Angharad Laing
9 October 2013
In numerous emergencies around the world, humanitarian practitioners are operating in complex and insecure situations.