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The Bioforce Institute is an organisation which aims to increase the impact and the relevance of emergency action and development programmes by training and providing support to those involved.

From international action to local initiatives, Bioforce creates links between different communities and cultures based on values of solidarity, competence and commitment.

Established in 1983 and based on the experience of a big public health operation in Brazil, the Bioforce Institute, created by Dr Charles Mérieux has for more than 25 years been developing the key skills of those involved in solidarity and development programmes.

Bioforce specialises in “support functions” (logistics, project coordination, administration and finance, human resources, etc.) and in the field of water supply and sanitation.

Both in France and internationally Bioforce acts to reinforce skills, training programmes and qualifications, to improve the logistical performance of health care systems, to provide support to those involved in national crisis response programmes and to support local development initiatives.

At all times, all over the world, professionals trained, or backed, by Bioforce are actively caring for and helping people in need.

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