Centre For Safety And Development

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Centre for Safety and Development

Centre for Safety and Development (CSD) is a non-profit organisation specialised in safety and security for non-profits worldwide. Founded in 2004, we train 1200 participants every year, and have delivered courses in over 35 countries.

We train aid workers in order to prepare them for working in medium or high risk environments. We teach them key skills which will improve their self-confidence and which will make them effective in dealing with threatening situations. Our training events are aimed at all levels of NGO staff: programme officers, expats, security advisors, human resource officers, headquarter staff, staff in the field, and also for staff of partner organisations. 

We also help organisations set up, write and implement security policies and plans and create partnerships with NGOs in order to make sure their security policies and plans are implemented and always up to date.

Current Calendar

Basic Course Amsterdam area
13-15 February 2014
13-15 March 2014
10-12 April 2014
15-17 May 2014
12-14 June 2014
28-30 August 2014
18-20 September 2014
16-18 October 2014
13-15 November 2014
18-20 December 2014 

Basic course Washington, D.C., area
6-8 March 2014
29-31 May 2014
18-20 September 2014
6-8 November 2014 

HEAT-course Düsseldorf area
11-14 June 2014

Basic Course Light Amsterdam area
2-3 April 2014
10-11 September 2014
26-27 November 2014 

Field Security Management
8-10 April 2014 (Kampala, Uganda)
22-24 April 2014 (Goma, DRC)
6-8 May 2014 (Dubai, UAE)
13-15 May 2014 (Bangkok, Thailand)

Safety for Female Travellers Course, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
27 March 2014
15 May 2014
25 September 2014
27 November 2014

Family Support Training, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
3 April 2014
20 November 2014

Security Conference on "Security and Leadership"
22 May 2014 (Soesterberg, The Netherlands)

PHAP member discount
  • Open inscription courses: PHAP members receive a 5% discount on all open inscription courses.
  • Tailor made coursesPHAP members receive a 10% discount on all tailor made courses.
  • Annual event: PHAP members receive a 10% discount on CSD's annual conference (this year on "Security and Leadership").
Application procedure
Open inscription courses:
  1. Fill out the application form for your selected course at the CSD website.
  2. Enter your PHAP member certificate number in the "Remarks" field.

Tailor made courses

  1. Contact CSD directly to receive more information about tailored events.
  2. Mention your PHAP membership in your communication with CSD in order to receive the discount.

Annual event

  • The next event will take place on 22-25 May 2014. Information regarding the application procedure will follow soon.