Latest Community Updates

Community updates provide brief highlights from expert practitioners about what they see as the key developments in a specific area, what resources they would recommend, and what to look out for in the coming months.

Em Lacroix
Talent management (July 2019): Capacity development, stress, CVs, trust building (7/11/2019)

Lauren Bateman
Information management (June 2019): HDX data grid, data responsibility, blockchain, open data (6/3/2019)

Malashree Bhargava
Preparedness, DRR & resilience (May 2019): GPDRR, risk landscape changes, ecosystem-based approaches (5/27/2019)

Em Lacroix
Talent management (May 2019): Reward structures, sexual violence, partnerships, AI and automation (5/14/2019)

Andrew Nzimbi
Community update - MEAL in East Africa (May 2019): Sphere, CHS verification, ROAP (5/14/2019)

Volker Hüls
Community update - MEAL (May 2019): Blockchain, learning from data, Sphere, SOHS, etc. (5/13/2019)

Em Lacroix
Community update: Talent management and capacity building, March 2019 (3/16/2019)

Jacqueline Frize
Community update: CVA developments (CaLP glossary, new course, CTP in armed conflict) (1/15/2019)

Dick Jackson
Community update: Cultural heritage (1954 Hague Convention, add. protection designations, etc.) (1/10/2019)

Volker Hüls
Community update: MEAL developments (SOHS, humanitarian metadata, etc.) (1/1/2019)

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