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Community Updates – stay informed about developments related to your work

Practitioners in the humanitarian sector consistently point to the difficulty of keeping abreast of important policy and practical developments related to their work.

To help address this challenge, we are launching the Community Updates, a new content series aiming to provide a time-efficient and effective way for busy practitioners to stay up-to-date in all areas relevant to their work, and to foster stronger connections and exchange of information and ideas between different professional communities within the humanitarian sector.

The Community Updates rely on the input of experienced practitioners who are willing to help update their peers on the latest trends, issues, and key resources in their specific areas of expertise and communities of practice. Depending on the topic, these brief updates are published every one to three months.

Starting next week, all subscribers will receive a weekly notification with the latest updates. However, you can already now read the first set of updates that have been submitted:


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