Human resource management

Humanitarianism is defined by the principle of humanity. Human resources may thus be a cornerstone for success in any field, but this is especially true for in humanitarian action given the dynamics of crisis, nature of the work force and the demands of working in a hazardous environment. HRM includes the recruitment and retention of the right people, staff learning and development, support for their wellbeing, instituting policies for staff conduct, and ensuring high-quality leadership and management. Critically, HRM cannot be reduced to an administrative exercise, and effective relief operations must be based upon a strategic and managerial approach/commitment to HRM.

Man talking to lab technician, Kampala, Uganda

Photo: Kate Holt/AusAID

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Key actors

Provides resources on people management such as tools and manuals on managing people, HR management, safeguarding, and duty of care

Dedicated to furthering the management of people in not-for-profit international organizations by sharing knowledge, conducting conferences, and building networks

Tools for the job

Guidelines on how to develop a recruitment and selection policy based on recognized good practice and the experience of organizations within the INGO community

Toolkit with resources and good practice guidance to help improve HR systems

Information about practical aspects of HR, such as the HR information system, standard employment contracts, the performance appraisal form, staff recruitment policies, and staff performance needs

Useful resources for the HR community, consisting of a manual for managing HR resources, a toolkit to develop a HR Metrics Dashboard, a Staff Survey toolkit, and a Measuring HR Effectiveness Toolkit

Key references

Paper describing the state of HR management in the humanitarian sector, exploring the key challenges facing the HR function and those who manage people

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